Nine a.m. was founded in 1998. By then only Jan and Jörg as singer and guitar player were on board. Fabian joined as bass player in 2007. The drums were played by different musicians over the years. Lately by the long-time Nine a.m. –drummer Kai Wünschmann. With close to 70 songs the band has a broad repertoire they can choose from when playing live. Nine a.m. is known to be very diverse. From Hard Rock to deep ballad, from Disco-rhythms to even instrumentals there is nothing impossible for the band. But one thing always remains: the character, which is branded by Jans cool and powerful voice as well as the melodic sound and the richness of ideas towards the songwriting of the band. Nine a.m. moves people and creates atmospheres that touch the listener.The bands songlist is long and comprises these days roughly 70 songs.